Every time I tell someone I'm vegetarian the reaction is the same "well how do you get your protein? You must be malnourished." *Insert my own eye rolls*

There are SO many amazing vegetarian protein sources. It really isn't just chicken and beef. Here are some great options, as put together by Buzzfeed:

  1. Pumpkin seeds. They're so tasty and contain 36 grams of protein per cup! You can put them on anything, or eat them alone!
  2. Split Peas. Split peas—whether you go for green or yellow—pack a punch with a whopping 16 grams of protein per cup.
  3. Tempeh. This fermented food is super filling, with 30 grams of protein per cup, and it's a tasty meat replacement.
  4. Lentils. Just one cup of lentils will provide you with 37 percent of the USDA recommended protein intake, so you might as well start learning how to use them in soups, hummus, burgers, and to make your own dal
  5. Spinach. This wasn't Popeye's favorite food for no reason. Use it in your salads to feel full longer, blend it in smoothies, juice it, or put it in virtually any meal.
  6. Chickpeas. Chickpeas are a great food that you can add to meals to keep you feeling full. If you don't like them as they are, try hummus.
  7. Seitan. This common meat substitute and protein powerhouse can be used as a replacement for meat in almost anything.
  8. Almonds. Almonds are the perfect midday snack to keep your energy up! Eat them on their own, add them into trail mix, or make them into cheese, milk, or almond butter.
  9. String beans. These guys give a bonus of 4 grams of dietary fiber for each cup, and can be prepared in a variety of ways.
  10. Rice. A cup of cooked white rice contains four grams of protein, while a cup of cooked brown rice contains five grams of protein.

I love adding nuts, seeds and chickpeas into my dishes to get an extra protein source that's also low in calories! Thinking about trying out a meatless Monday meal to win Beyonce tickets for life? Check out more vegetarian protein sources here!

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