Trying to find a place to live in Boise can be...challenging. With rising housing costs going up by (what feels like) the minute, and more and more folks relocating to the Treasure Valley, it's not easy finding that perfect place to live.

Even more pressing, once you find it, will you be able to afford it?

Well you may just be in luck, if you're looking to relocate near Boise State University's campus, that is.

The city of Boise is planning to build 300 (or more) brand new homes in the Lusk District, at Captiol Boulevard and Ann Morrison Park. Mayor Lauren McLean assured Boisians that the plan will go through, and you should be able to afford one of these new places:

City council shares my commitment to ensuring that we have homes that are affordable for Boiseans at every budget and have been right alongside our team as we discuss the potential that the Park Apartments has to house families that are exiting homelessness.

Would you be interested in living seconds from BSU in a brand new home? Or have you been searching so long that you've simply given up on finding your dream home in Idaho?


If you are considering relocating to Boise (if you're not already here), there is something you may want to be aware of. There's been an unidentified person, or persons, vandalizing vehicles in the Boise area. Just double check that you lock your car doors, make sure the windows are up, and don't put a bunch of audio brand stickers on your windshield. Because criminals will steal your car speakers. Mine are still missing!

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