Arguably, spooky season starts in October. A) It's Halloween month, and B) It's the first full month of Fall. I mean, technically it is still summer, despite the weather and dipping into cold temperatures and the leaves on deciduous trees already turning colors. But what's so wrong about starting the celebrating a little early? If Disneyland can do it, so can Idaho. And there are even some things you can do year round to get in the spirit.

Requiem Haunted House is already up and running ready to scare the living daylights out of you this weekend through the end of October. Described as "13,000 square feet of pure indoor terror," you might need a strong stomach for it. The Haunted World is also providing scares before October, and is Idaho's largest Halloween and haunted attraction.

The Old Idaho Penitentiary is an oldie but goody spook fest year round. You can go on tours and learn about all the creepy and awful things that occurred there and even a paranormal investigation you can be a part of this weekend.

Idahistory has walking tours that explore the "macabre history" of two Idaho towns: Boise and Nampa. You no the saying "Truth is stranger than fiction"? Well sometimes truth is scarier than fiction and these tours take you through the lesser known and less desirable history of how these towns came to be.

And of course all the grocery and retail stores have their Halloween floor sets out, banking on you to get into the spirit early. So stock up while you can before everything is slim pickings.

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