Every city has a haunted place or two but when I started looking into "Real" haunted spaces in and around Boise I was shocked at how many places have residents from the after life. All of these places have interesting stories behind them and with the help of hauntedplaces.org I will highlight them in the my next four post.


The Egyptian Theatre opened in 1927, and the first film shown there was “Don Juan.” The ghost said to reside here is believed to be Joe, a projectionist who worked here from the 1920s until his death by heart attack while climbing the stairs to the projection booth in the 1950s. He has been known to open and close doors, turn on and off lights, and make noises. The theater has been featured on ghost-hunting TV programs.


This is a very familiar spot for me as it houses one of my favorite donuts places... Guru Donuts. The story goes that during the renovations of the hotel, many construction workers and employees quit due to reports of paranormal activity. The ghost a bellman who was gunned down in the hotel moves the elevator up and down by itself. Guests also report seeing him peering around corners in the building. Doors open and close by themselves, lights go on and off and a hideous moaning sound has been heard on certain levels of the building. A woman who was murdered and buried in the hotel basement allegedly haunts the lower levels of the building. while the third and fourth floors are haunted by an aggressive entity who has been known to pull guests out of their beds. A misty grey apparition has been seen by guests and residents, as parts of the building have now been converted to an apartment bock.

Happy Halloween to be continued...

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