I've been back in Boise for a little over two months and to be honest the last time I lived here I never went south of the 84 freeway... Not even once!! I know, How does that happen?

I love exploring new parts of town, It's so interesting to me that you can live in a city for years an sometimes your entire life and not see everything that city has to offer. Even worse is when you live in a small community and you don't venture out enough to discover hidden gems. It could be a restaurant, a coffee shop, a second hand store or in this case a dive bar.


Allow me to drop a gem on you. Have you ever been to Little Dutch Garden? It's a must! picture this in 1939 some guy says... I have this garage and the only thing I do is drink beer in it. Maybe I should turn it into a bar. I'm not sure that is the story but I know this... nestled between two homes on a somewhat small street in the Boise bench is this old garage turned neighborhood bar where you can play pool, ping pong, horse shoes and while the beer is cold, the people are super interesting. Oh BTW it was voted MSN's Best Dive Bar in Idaho.




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