Sometimes I read a thread on Twitter and think "no way this is true. This didn't happen. It couldn't have." But then there's threads like this.. that feel like they're legit. There's so much detail and the ending.. there would be ways to track down and debunk it if it were fake.

So here we go: read this thread.


Yeah.. I'm never sleeping again pretty much if that happened to me. See what I'm saying though?! This could easily be searched if he were making it up. There's ways to track down reports of deaths! So it's got to be true.

A little sneak peek of what we'll be talking about on the show tomorrow for Halloween- lots of scary stories, horror stories and our best #KatFished episodes every hour, costumes included.

We'll be on with all of that plus getting you preboarded for our trip to LA! 5-10a tomorrow with Keke and myself. Talk to ya then!




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