He's a Boise State graduate, and an accomplished professional athlete.

He also swears up and down that he saw a UFO.

Graham DeLaet tweeted during a recent trip to Mexico video of what he claims was a UFO in the sky. DeLaet is a professional golfer, and from what we can tell, is not some conspiracy theorist or alien truther. He's just a guy who was on a trip and stumbled upon something uncanny. Take a look at the video for yourself:

DeLaet goes on to confirm that this isn't a stunt, and not something he was looking out for:

So, did the famous golfer witness an extraterrestrial incident? While we can't prove (yet) that aliens have visited our planet, it would probably explain the pizza costume that ended up on Boise's Abraham Lincoln statue. We wonder if Graham DeLaet has any theories about who did THAT.

Spoiler alert: It was aliens.


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