The next time you get pulled over, don't be alarmed if it feels like you've been transported to the deep south, where local law enforcement are rarely seen not donning a cowboy hat while on the beat.

This isn't something we're accustomed to seeing in Idaho. At least, it wasn't. Well, that's all about to change, whether you like it or not.

Ada County sheriffs are now permitted to wear a cowboy while working. Why? Mostly to combat the heat, according to Ada County Sheriff Matt Clifford:

The final straw, no pun intended. The final straw was. I was out in Kuna at an event and the sun was just beating down on me. I was wearing this uniform. I had a detective next to me who's trying to hide under a baseball cap to keep the sun off of him. And I went out and bought a cowboy hat the next day, and I wore it to the Star 4th of July hometown celebration.

While some feel the new addition to uniforms is a little out of pocket, or even inappropriate, but Sheriff Clifford says he and his fellow deputies have received numerous compliments since first donning the new gear on patrol.

We hope our men and women in blue stay safe out there, both from dangers they encounter on the job, and from the heat and sun! Since we're setting record highs in the Treasure Valley in 2023, you may want to protect yourself as well. We recommend a nice hat or some sunscreen!


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