It has been a while since I watched a game as painful as yesterdays with Boise State. NO, it wasn't as bad as the Las Vegas Bowl against Baylor a couple of seasons ago (just the thought of that give my nightmares)--but it certainly wasn't a pretty loss. Then again, is there even such a thing?

The Broncos we've come to know early in the season this fall have been dominant defensively, on the ground, and in the air. It just didn't feel like much of any of those things translated in Stillwater, Oklahoma yesterday. YES, we saw some great air times. But to me, every time it happened it felt like the Bronco's had lucked out.

It's no secret, the Broncos lost. What does that mean for the rest of the season? Well, we'll find out. As for the rankings--to me, a great sign is that the pollsters haven't lost ALL faith in Boise State. We're an established program now.

Just released today, the new rankings going into the week. Boise State? Yes, they're still ranked in the Coaches Poll and the USA Today Poll.  This is great news, as they're #24 in both, hanging on to SOME of the national spotlight they had just a week ago. In the AP (and slightly more popular) Poll, the Broncos are receiving the second most amount of non-ranked votes, putting them at about #27. Still, a great sign in the faith the pundits have in Boise.

Want to see the full list of rankings? Click HERE.

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