Boise State fans saw a few rare things over the weekend: a Friday kickoff, a kickoff before 8:00 p.m., all orange uniforms on the smurf turf, AND...a blow out victory.

Maybe I'm being harsh, Boise State fans are no stranger to big wins--it just feels like we haven't seen one in a very long time. That said, it was refreshing to check the score from a wedding Friday evening and say to myself "wow, maybe the season isn't as bad as I expected".

Boise State put on a dominating performance against Colorado State Friday evening and Brett Rypien's air attack was in full form. Was it enough to grab the attention of college football pollsters? Nope, it sure wasn't.

It's not often that Boise State is either: not ranked or not on the cusp of being ranked. Over the last few weeks, however, both of these things have been the case. A two-loss Boise State team just doesn't impress voters.

With another weeks rankings posted, Boise State is neither ranked or listed as having received votes. Utah State, Fresno State, and San Diego State all received votes and are on the cusp--two of them (Utah State and Fresno State) are remaining on the Boise State Broncos' schedule. There's still plenty of time for some respectable wins, but it just seems that this year ISN'T the year we'll be seeing Boise State play in January.

See the complete rankings, HERE.

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