There are few things in life that bring me more pleasure than biting into the creamy peanut buttery goodness of a Tag-A-Long or refreshing taste of a Thin Mint, but did you know not all Girl Scout cookies are created equal?

I stumbled upon an LA Times article revealing that depending on where you live in the country you could get a thinner, crunchier Thin Mint instead of a nice smooth one that just begs to be thrown into a milky shake.  Your Tag-A-Longs may have a single layer of peanut butter inside them and taste more vanilla-y than some others that have multiple layers of peanut butter crammed into the cookie that obligates you to enjoy it with a glass of milk.

Why?  There's two different bakers that the Girls Scouts use!  I'm in shock that all Girl Scout cookies aren't created equal.  Check out the shocking piece on the scandal to find out which ones we're eating here in the Treasure Valley!

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