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No! No! No! Luke Bryan, where are you bro! American Idol judges eliminated a long list of contestants tonight including Boise's Maddie Zahm.

Maddie will be on with us this week and her future is whatever she desires it to be. She was one blink into the top 24 on Idol and I have a feeling this isn't over yet!

I've been doing radio for a while now and have a pretty good ear for music and artists. American Idol isn't a show that Maddie Zahm was going to win over millions by crazy moves. Maddie doesn't have to dance, wink or find a gimmick. You might wanna remember this girl's name. Maddie could head out and win Grammy's if she decided that a goal like that is what she wants. I'm telling you. I've listened to Maddie in my studio and witnessed her acapella vocals and she is breathtaking. Did I mention she's only 19?

This silly teen from Boise, Idaho found herself going from 300 followers on Instagram to 31.200 in days. Maddie has turned her phone off just to get sleep from all the texts and calls she's received. Here's what Luke Bryan said about Maddie on Monday.

Luke Bryan has almost 10 million followers on Twitter and that comment is worth every character it got. This girl has the gift if she decides that she wants to take it that far. Maddie definitely has it.

My other friend who is a ridiculous singer from Idaho is Merissa Jerome. I've watched her Voice run and take a shot at the Macy's Rising Star competition. She's the one who got me in contact with Maddie and is another amazing vocalist. Check out my homie!

I've heard over the years that Idaho is behind because, well,'s Idaho. That's not true. We move at our own speed and sometimes that moves faster than everyone else. Talent doesn't define itself by the area code. You can find hidden talent everywhere and Maddie is just one of those stories like Merissa Jerome.

This was Maddie's audition clip from American Idol which put her story in the forefront and making her the darling of the competition.

Maddie captivated American with her story. This teen battles (PCOS) Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and is something that has given her little control over several things. I think her vibrant personality and love for kids has given her new life.

This spectacular Idahoan was eliminated on Monday but that's okay. I'm telling you from a person who judges talent for a living, Maddie Zahm has it. She's only 19 and I would never expect her to see it, but it's there. She will just have to decide how bad she wants it.

This, now 20 she reminds me, singer does more than just unbelievable vocals. Maddie touches people emotionally and we could use more of that today.

Here's her clip from the elimination round on American Idol. She handled it like a pro. I'm very proud of her considering she was a heartbeat away from the top 25. That is out of 300,000 people. I think she's already won in my opinion. This won't be the last you hear from her. Good luck Maddie!

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