He started at Central Michigan University, made it to the NFL and now he returns to Michigan.

Who says you can't go home again? NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown is proving that you can! Once a student at CMU, he is back to continue working on his degree.

Central Michigan spokeswoman Heather Smith told the Free Press...

Antonio Brown is currently enrolled in online degree completion coursework at Central Michigan University. He does not attend classes on a CMU campus. His online courses began last week.

Yet, according to Antonio Browns Instagram account he has 2 other class scheduled at the University and they don't seem to be online class.

It was just a few days ago that Wikipedia reported that...

 On September 22, 2019, Brown seemingly announced his retirement from the NFL on Twitter, stating that he would "not be playing in the [NFL] anymore", citing his reasons as the owners releasing him without cause and voiding his contracts.

Once a player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders and the New England Patriots and being to being a student. No word on is he will be a Chip once again.

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