Walmart announced Friday that it will stop selling e-cigarettes at all its U.S. stores once its existing inventory is gone, citing "regulatory complexity."

According to The Washington Post, the retailer said both state and federal legal uncertainty surrounding the product spurred their decision; they'd already banned certain flavored cigarettes earlier this year.

Vaping products have been linked to at least eight deaths and hundreds of lung-illnesses over the summer, and the federal government announced plans last week to ban all flavored vaping products.

According to a new study, flavored e-cigarettes may also aggravate symptoms of users with asthma. Study author David Chapman said of the study's findings, "This is especially important for those with respiratory disease, whom are vulnerable to the effects of smoking."

Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the US, and whether it's for the right reasons or not, I'm glad they're taking a stance on important issues.

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