It's 1:45 am at the club and you see them.... Tired, intoxicated and surprise! they're also walking around BAREFOOT!!! You walk into the grocery store and as you search for the peanut butter in the wrong aisle you can't help but notice the grown adult cruising the store as if they were Tarzan with NO shoes. My first thought is always... Gross!!! but being an open minded individual and not to mention accidentally coming across an article on I was pleasantly surprised to learn the following....

"Studies show that walking barefoot on natural substances feels good because it maintains the body's negative charge. Free radicals have a positive charge and the earth's energy is negative.  As the energy from the earth moves through your body, it neutralizes your body energy.

In layman's terms free radical damage is much like what oxygen and water does to metal; it destroys it. Harnessing the negative charge of the earth into our bodies causes a cooling or slowing down environment that not only heals damaged cells at the site of inflammation, it also prevents 'collateral damage' of the surrounding tissue of the wound. It also helps to heal the  original wound by minimizing the smoldering inflammation.

So there you have it... Walking on dirt, mud or on earth in general can be healthy, Walking on a filthy club floor... not so much but keep in mind this is coming from a guy that has never worn a pair of heels.


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