Hopefully your current or future travel plans don't include any flights with Thomas Cook.

In a situation that would fully happen to me, over half a hundred thousand people are currently stranded in foreign countries after Thomas Cook, a British travel company, went under overnight.

The 178-year-old British travel company Thomas Cook went out of business on Monday, leaving some 600,000 people stranded in foreign countries as the firm's many airlines and hotels abruptly went offline.

The AP reports that approximately 50,000 Thomas Cook travelers were stranded in Greece; up to 30,000 stuck in Spain’s Canary Islands; 21,000 in Turkey and 15,000 in Cyprus.

An additional 1 million Thomas Cook travelers were also faced with the unpleasant news that their upcoming vacations had been canceled, through no fault of their own.

I've had some serious flight issues in my travels, mostly no fault of my own but a few cases where it was, and I can absolutely see this happening to me while on a trip.

Hopefully their credit cards or banks will refund them or a different airline will step up and honor people's itineraries?! I can't imagine having my return flight cancelled mid trip.. what a disaster.

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