And there's even a couple bonus tracks, including one from daughter Blue Ivy.

No one does a concert like Beyonce. NO ONE. I've been lucky enough to see here from basically the front row and be splashed with Beyonce water literally. That's why it was so dope last year when Coachella live-streamed performances for the first time. I didn't watch anyone's live set but Bey's. I really was in Chicago for the weekend and laid in bed at 2 or 3a east coast time with my friend watching Bey's set from Indio, CA on my phone. And it was worth it.

A year later, smack in the middle of weeks one and two of Coachella 2019, Beyonce's road to Coachella is out on Netflix. The documentary dropped last night along with a full live album available on all streaming platforms (this is notable since husband Jay-Z owns his own streaming platform, Tidal, and they don't typically make their albums available elsewhere). The live album includes her 37-song set from the Coachella stage as well as a couple bonus tracks, one being Blue Ivy singing in rehearsals.

Beyonce' fans really do the most. The 'Beyhive' comes to her defense at any moment and supports her every move and post. So I have a strong feeling that this album will likely go #1 this week.

I'll be watching the docu at some point. We're starting Cycle to Break the Cycle/Live for 175 tomorrow morning at the Village at Meridian so I'll be tied up through the weekend, so Bey might have to wait for next week. But, I'll definitely be hitting that album on my run today.


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