Let's scoot Meridian! Looks like your wishes are coming true as scooters are on the way to deploy in Meridian in the next week or so.

I've only jumped on a few and wouldn't these have been convenient when I was hosted all those bar nights downtown. We work just a few blocks from the heart of Downtown Boise and it would have saved numerous tickets during those late nights (there was that one time I went to pick it up and they towed it away! That's for another time,)

Let's get to the Birds! These popular scooters have been given the green light to embark on Meridian streets in the upcoming weeks. This is great for Meridian residents but not so good for Lime. Bird is one of the two brands competing to get their scoots on the skreets (or streets!)

Lime most recently got voted down based upon rating giving Bird higher marks to be on streets. Bird was given better marks on safety, reliability and customer service. Lime has appealed this ruling saying that one of the members was biased towards Bird. This is kinda turning into a messy situation but only for Lime. Bird Scooters are set to take flight on the Meridian streets as early as next week.

Lime deployed scooters in Meridian back in 2008 but had to pull do to "missteps" according to the popular e-scooter company's operations manager.

We'll keep you posted but the more the merrier on multiple companies. That just gives the consumer variety! I would expect this to be resolved.


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