I've been waiting months for this! My first ever Boise Music Festival is only three days away! I genuinely have no clue where the first six months of this year have gone, but I'm happy it's summer and concert season is upon us.

The main question I've been getting this week is: are you guys still giving away tickets? The quick answer is yes, but the better answer is that we're giving away more than just tickets.

Today Keke and I kicked off the Time of Your Lives VIP Ticket, where you can win two pit passes, two unlimited carnival bands, plus meet and greets with all of the main stage artists including Pitbull!

This VIP ticket is huge, and there will only be a few winners. So here's what you need to do: listen to the station non stop. Don't turn it off. Because when you hear three back to back to back Pitbull songs, we're taking caller 103 and getting you this limited, exclusive VIP ticket. And again, only a few people will win.

So make sure you're listening nonstop through Friday to try to win some of our last pairs of Pit Passes!

Of course, Keke and I will have some extra ticket opportunities and maybe even meet and greets as we get closer to Saturday, so make sure you're with us 5-10a!

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