I've been calling bluff all week. Allegedly, these next few (and past few) days are supposed to bring lots of snow to the Treasure Valley. While it was coming down last night--I just don't think any of this stuff is going to stick.  Pictured above is a shot from Snowmageddon 2016-- remember that snow storm? It seems everyone in town is still a little gun shy after that--we hear snow and run out to buy a snow blower.

Well, I've been joking with people at work this weekend that...I've called it: the snow isn't sticking. Being a fan of the snow staying in the mountains myself, I'm hoping I don't jinx it.

Have a home with a sidewalk out front? Doesn't matter if you rent or own--SOMEONE is responsible for shoveling that stuff for pedestrians and maybe it's time to check your agreement!  In fact, leaving your sidewalk as unsafe is technically a misdemeanor.

Hate shoveling snow? There's a new app in town that can get you someone with a snow shovel to your place, ASAP!  It's called "SnoHub" and you can find it in your app store. Include what type of snow and property you're working with and watch the service drive to your door!

There's even a way to sign up to DO the shoveling for some side-hustle money. This app COULD be a game changer if we start to see some snow accumulate on the valley floor!  Download it and check it out!


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