Boise has always been a city where people feel welcome. Anyone, from any background could find a home and a community where they felt like they belonged. The threat of that belonging being taken away felt like it was in jeopardy this past weekend. Boise representatives have spoken up. 

There are times where the Treasure Valley falls in line with what's happening throughout the country and times where we feel like we're on an island with our decisions and beliefs.

This past weekend when President Trump's executive order on immigration came down, our community went into action.

Working quickly (like we do in most cases), the Boise City Council went in to set the record straight on our city. They voted and it was passed (5-0) maintaining that Boise is a "Welcoming City" continuing to be a community of refuge for those fleeing violence and persecution from conflicts around the world.

Want to learn more? There's a symposium on this issue at Boise State next month. Click HERE for more information.



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