It's no more of a surprise that Boise is on another top 100 list than it is we're ranked for being one of the most caring cities in the United States.

Having grown up here in the Treasure Valley, it seems a spirit of giving to those in need-- be it individuals, families, or organizations, is almost instilled in you. From Idaho's New Channel 7 and their 7 Shares Idaho Cares events, to various fundraisers at local breweries, it seems we're surrounded by opportunities to give a helping hand.

According to, out of the top 100 cities for "caring" in the United States, Boise ranks 31st.

Several different variables were taken into consideration while ranking each city. Everything from crime rates to the amount of donations given to non-profit organizations in the are.

The highest ranking city? Madison, Wisconsin. The LEAST caring city? Laredo, Texas.

For complete results and methodology, click HERE.



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