West of us, Washington and Oregon proudly sell legal marijuana.

It looks like our friends across the border to the north are following suit.

Canadian news is reporting that the Canadian government will unveil legislation  in two weeks to legalize recreational marijuana across the country. However, that change wouldn't come into effect until Canada Day of 2018 (July 1st, 2018).

The legislation states that the minimum age to purchase marijuana in Canada will be 18 years old, and each household would be allowed to possess up to four marijuana plants at a time.

So how does this affect us here in Idaho? Currently, Idahoans are traveling west to Oregon to purchase weed, then bringing it back into the Gem State. Not only is this illegal, but it's taking money out of our own economy and helping boost the economy in some small Oregon towns.

Don't think just because Idaho is a conservative state where recreational marijuana is currently illegal doesn't mean people here are alright with that. Boise's Hempfest happens this April, and thousands of Idaho marijuana activists are expected to attend.

Will marijuana ever be legalized here in Idaho? All signs currently point to know, but in the end it could be a good thing considering Idaho police are seizeing more weed than ever before.



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