It takes time for your food to arrive at your table after you order at a restaurant. Sometimes, it can take a long while, and one's mind starts to wander.

Why is there so much crap on the walls?

How much longer is that baby going to cry while the mom ignores it while playing Wordle on her phone?

Are they hiring? This place looks fun.

Could my waiter secretly be a drag queen?

You know, the typical questions that enter your head while you're waiting for food.

If that final thought has every crossed your mind, what if that unsuspecting waiter of yours secretly moonlights as an entertainer dressed as a woman? Doesn't it make you wonder? What if the person who's bringing you your third refill of soda actually enjoys wearing a dress when they're not waiting on you hand and foot? Is that remnants of lipstick on see on his face? And I swear every time he comes close I can smell woman's perfume.

Oh my god is there glitter on my napkin?

Do you panic? Do you ask to speak to a manager? Do you simply get up and walk away without even paying for your meal?

Here's our question: Why in the hell are these thoughts crossing your mind while you're ordering food? If you really are that worried about the private life of your waiter, maybe next time just get food delivered to your house.

But, oh no. The delivery guy's lashes are perfect. This isnt' going to end well...


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