Most of us have probably been attracted to a friend's significant other. Not in a shady way, but in typical friendships, you probably have something in common and can relate on certain things, so maybe your types cross and you find the same type of person attractive. So it's not so far off base to expect that you'd be attracted to your friend's significant other or vice versa.

Having an innocent attraction is different from actually acting upon that, though. Summarized in this Dear Keke and Kat letter:

Dear Keke and Kat:

My friend dated this girl for a couple years. He's not my closest friend, but we have a lot of mutual friends, so I've been around them as a couple a handful of times in group settings. Birthday parties, holiday weekends, things like that. They broke up about a year ago and I've seen them both separately in group situations since, but neither one one on one. Again, he's not a close friend, more of a friend of a friend.


Well, she and I have started talking a lot on social media. I heard through a mutual friend that she's into me and completely moved on from her ex/my friend. I feel a little weird about it though. Am I breaking any sort of "bro-code" by asking her out? Or should I go for it?

Would you do it?! I wouldn't date a guy that dated my friend, but that's just me. But if she's not really my close friend.. I'm not sure. There's a grey area there. What would you do?

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