It was only a couple months ago that the huge chicken sandwich craze popped out of nowhere and everyone was weighing in on their favorites. Popeyes got so suddenly popular that they 'sold out' of their sandwich and the fans were SHOCKED.

But did they create the demand by shortening the supply? If so, it worked because they've now announced it'll be returning.

After a two-month absence, the food sensation of the summer--Popeyes' chicken sandwich--will return to the chain's locations on November 3.

It's worth noting that November 3 is a Sunday--the one day of the week when Popeyes' chief rival, Chick-fil-A, is closed. That's no accident, either: A Twitter video announcing the sandwich's return highlighted this disparity on a roadside sign.

So, who's side you got? Popeyes or Chick-fil-A? You headed to the Popeyes on Fairview this Sunday?


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