As though being crammed into tiny airplane bathrooms wasn't bad enough, now I'm going to worry about someone watching every single time I enter one on a flight.

A flight attendant is claiming in a lawsuit that two Southwest Airline pilots were viewing a bathroom livestream on their flight, according to The New York Post. 

Renee Steinaker says that when she entered the cockpit to stand in for a pilot using the bathroom on a 2017 flight from Pittsburgh to Phoenix, she noticed an iPad on the windshield displaying a livestream of the airplane's bathroom. The lawsuit alleges the co-pilot told her that the livestream was a new security feature, but Steinaker took a picture with her cellphone and reported the incident right away after landing.

Since then, she claims she's been harassed for reporting the incident and is suing the airline for retaliation. Southwest Airlines says in a statement that their internal investigation showed that no bathroom camera existed and that the whole thing was an "inappropriate attempt at humor."

Humor? What's funny about that?

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