Bryan Kohberger, the Idaho killer charged with four counts of first-degree murder and burglary, isn't going to enjoy a happy ending to the movie of his life. Prosecutors are going to pursue the death penalty against the suspect, we found out yesterday.

The question is, do Idahoans want the death penalty as an option for high-crime offenders? Are we ok with this in our state?

How does one end up on the receiving end of the death penalty in the first place? First of all, if the prosecution seeks the death penalty against the subject, the jury's decision must be 100% unanimous. If even one juror opposes the death penalty, or if there's a hung jury, the suspect will face a lifetime in prison instead of ending up on death row.

In Idaho, the punishment by death is carried out via lethal injection. But writer, what happens if Idaho just so happens to be out of lethal injection juice? Funny you should ask. When (and we hope it never actually happens) someone is sentenced to death in Idaho, and they can't receive lethal injection, a firing squad is used.

A firing squad is used. Read it again.

Honesty time. Is this what we want for criminals accused of capital crimes in the Gem State? Or do we want to give those accused a second chance in prison to possibly turn their life around ane help others?

It's definitely a touchy, touchy subject. We're genuinely curious to hear how you feel about it.


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