If you're missing your long-lost poochie more than anything in the whole wide world, you can now make a duplicate of them. If your pockets are deep enough...

Barbara Streisand isn't a celebrity we mention very often here, but this story literally feels like it's out of the Twilight Zone. Streisand told Variety that she cloned her dog. As in, she took DNA from her late dog Samantha, and cloned two new dogs using those genetics. This isn't Jurassic Park, this is actual science that is possible in 2018.

While it might sound a little morbid and definitely strange, I'd consider doing this. I love my corgi Marky Mark to absolute pieces, and when he passes away (even though he promised me that he never would) I'd do anything to have another day with him. Good news is, you don't need to be some Hollywood elite-type to clone your dog. But you are gonna need about $50,000.

If you actually are interested in cloning your doggo, this company in Texas will happily take your American dollars in exchange for a new (but, old?) pup.

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