If you ask anyone who's lived in the Treasure Valley for any extended period of time what's one of their favorite features about Boise, you're sure to get plenty of responses about the food. The eating scene in Boise is amazing! From fantastic Basque offerings to some of the best Phở that could even put Seattle to shame, dining in Boise is something you shouldn't miss out on.

We really do try and keep things positive. The world is filled with negativity every place you turn in 2023, and we'd like to provide an escape, a smile, or even just an uplifting sentiment or two. That being said, we can't in good conscience let you run rabid on Boise's food scene and stumble upon the absolute worst places to consume food in the Treasure Valley.

It's not all squeaky clean once you take a closer look, however.

Don't shoot the messenger. We're not trying to get anyone in trouble or make someone look bad. We're simply looking out for your best interests and safety. Here's four places you should never, ever eat in Boise, Idaho:

Four Places To NEVER Eat In Boise

If you have a hunger and find yourself in Boise, Idaho, there are plenty of great options.

These aren't those.

If you're still hungry, we suggest literally any restaurant in Boise. All jokes aside, the food scene is so competitive here, restaurants who aren't up to snuff don't usually last very long. So, rest assured that no matter where you find yourself stuffing your face in the City of Trees, you'll be good to go.

Unless your friend's mom is making you dinner. We can't vouch for that.

Top Three Food Challenges in the Treasure Valley

Do you have what it takes to attempt one of these rigorous food challenges in the Treasure Valley? Many have tried, few have succeeded.


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