I've just made the transition back to mornings as we build this "wake-up" team. I'm not sure how long it will take but I'm trying to come up with ways to get energized at the crack of WHERE'S THE SUN AT time. I took a call this morning from this amazing woman with advice to join her challenge.

The Beet Juice Challenge

NO!!!! That was my reaction to the amazingly unfulfilling thought of drinking BEET juice 🍠 There is just nothing satisfying about that taste. I don't even eat BEETS! Then I realized that it's only 2 ounces and have you ever seen someone take a shot of tequila with a smile? NEVER. So, I was thinking it's for your health, energy, and good stuff for your body right?

"...there's only one catch Kekeluv. It turns your pee RED." Insert :05-second pause followed by my response, "WHATTTTTTTT!"

I did some research for you and want to challenge you for a simple 7 day little thing. I'm going to start on Monday and take one shot in the morning and again at lunch. We'll get back together on-air Monday morning at 6 a.m. and see if we feel any different. I hear the health benefits of energy are great, but not significant if your an athlete.

Let me remind you I'm not a doctor or specialist of any kind. I read that if you produce kidney stones like my wife - stay away from beets. True? False? Check the link HERE. You always want to discuss these kinds of things or do your research. I pulled some facts from Ifocushealth.com and that's where I got the infographic below.


beetroot varieties infographic

Do your own research. I stopped by Whole Foods to peep some of the Beet juice they might have. I came up with a few.


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