This is a good reminder that this winter, if you don't make life easier on Idaho law enforcement, it could cost you.

Boise PD wants drivers to know that whenever possible, you must move over to make room for law enforcement and emergency vehicles on the side of the road. It's even more important during the winter months since ice and snow can cause your vehicle to lose control. The last thing you want is to put another life in danger because of treacherous driving conditions. Boise Police Sgt. Erik Tiner explains:

Anyone who works alongside our highways knows the terrible feeling of having a vehicle fly by you so fast you can feel the wind from their vehicle. Our officers have witnessed a number of close calls where officers were almost clipped by passing vehicles. When other drivers slow down and move over, it gives us and other emergency responders safe room to work.

Last year, fifteen law enforcement officers were killed after being struck outside their vehicles. Failure to abide by the "Move over law" could result in a $90 fine.


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