When you picture your ideal Idaho dream home, which features are an absolute must? If you have visions of unforgettable pool parties dancing through your head, this may just be the home for you! 

Shauna Pendleton/Redfin Corporation
Shauna Pendleton/Redfin Corporation

You'll probably need to hit the lottery in order to afford it, but it's fun to dream while you Zillow-surf, right? Located in the Castlebury West Estates, the home itself is pretty darn impressive. It has over 10,000 square feet of liveable space, two garages that can hold up to six cars combined and some really unexpected rooms on every floor of the home. Each of the bedrooms has its own bathroom. If you've ever to share a bathroom with a sibling, you know just how much of a luxury that is!

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As impressive as the inside of the home is, that's not why it caught our eye when we saw the listing. What really wowed us was the crazy pool and patio in the backyard! Take a tour of the home and when you get to the backyard, get ready for your jaw to drop!

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