Memorial Day Weekend is already here and have you ever thought about taking a "bubbly" run? Heard of the Bubble Run? Let me take you on this wet ride real quick.

The Color Run
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There are several parties I want to throw in the Treasure Valley, but this isn't one I've ever thought of. Have you heard of the "Bubble Run?" This is a national 5k and they travel across the country creating some bubble fun on foot. They claim running in their "Bubble Run" is, running through Willy Wonkas' factory.

Who wouldn't want to run through Wonka's' factory! We've hosted the Inflatable 5k over previous years and I think it's great to theme 5k events to reach more people. Serious runners may not be in love with it, but there's usually a place for them too.

The Bubble Run Boise happens this weekend at Expo Idaho, Saturday, May 27. Waves of running start every three minutes and at each kilometer, you encounter massive bubble fountains to keep you cool. You'll be wearing these great white shirts to help spread that colorful blast of colored bubbles at each fountain. It's safe to say you're gonna look like a hot mess by the end, but just think about those fabulous Instagram photos!

The Bubble Run isn't a race, but an event for everyone. Cross the finish line and take great photos, dance to the live DJ's mixing, and enjoy the sunshine. The forecast is projecting warm, but not hot temperatures sitting around 79 degrees as the high.

Interested yet? Check out the video below and you can get more details at

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