April 24, 2019, is officially Denim Day. This isn't a trendy holiday with some pop culture story that went viral. A woman's rape was at the core of this day and the story is pretty troubling. So, grab a pair of jeans and read on.

We talked about Denim Day during Cycle to Break the Cycle last week and hosted the Women's & Children's Alliance for the afternoon. Denim Day tackles a story that is so ridiculous that women got together and said no more.

Back in the late '90s, an 18-year-old Italian girl was sexually assaulted by her 45-year-old male driving instructor. The man took her into a remote location and raped her. The man then made her drive him back into town and threatened her with death if she mentioned it.

The victim ended up reported the incident which made it's way to the Italian Supreme Court. Due to the belief that the victim wore jeans that were too tight and she must have had to assist in taking off her jeans, they felt it was consensual. Can you believe that?

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The following day all the women in the Italian Legislature banded together and wore denim to work. This was their way of protesting and in 1999, an agency in Los Angeles established the first Denim Day in the US. This has grown and happens across the country each April.

The women at the WCA are so amazing when it comes to spreading the message and they have the stickers we want you to wear on Wednesday and they read, "Ask  Me About Denim Day."

You can pick up your stickers and supplies at our studios this afternoon and all day on Wednesday.

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