Denim Day is on Wednesday calling attention to Sexual Violence Awareness Month. We've supported this cause each April and the message is strong.

A woman was raped almost 20 years ago by her driving instructor and was let go because the court determined her jeans were too tight. They said she must have removed the pants herself and therefore it was consensual. This was originally a conviction but was later overturned by the Italian Supreme Court.

Luckily, this wasn't a case in the United States but doesn't mean we shouldn't give it any less attention. We should call attention to this case and ensure it DOESN'T happen in our country. This was something that happened in the Italian Parliament and hence, created a movement to make a statement.

Stop by the Women's and Children's Alliance for stickers and posters.

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The following day that this case got thrown out, all the women in the Italian Parliament came to work wearing jeans in solidarity with the victim. Peace Over Violence created Denim Day.

Wear jeans on Wednesday to show your support and to make a statement. It doesn't matter how tight those jeans were or what she was wearing. "No" means "NO!" Have you ever heard,

  • What did she think was gonna happen?
  • I bought her all that stuff at least she could was...
  • It's prom! That's what you do!
  • We were drunk
  • She wanted it!
  • Did you see what she was wearing? She wanted it.

I'm pretty sure there are more excuses we can dig up but the bottom line is - NO. This old-school notion that it's what someone else wanted is exactly that, OLD SCHOOL. That doesn't mean it was right. Nope. It's wrong. I refer to it as old school because people are standing up for themselves today. People didn't report and they were scared. Embarrassed. That mentality is slowly, but surely becoming a thing of the past.

Denim Day is Wednesday, April 25. Wear your best denim and explain why your rockin' it!

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