I'm all about creative freedom and I know that artist will create music for the masses and then they will create these artistic pieces that leave most wondering... What is he thinking?

Harry Styles has clearly created plenty of mass appeal hit songs that have received massive airplay and the awards they deserved but the song he just put out a few days ago has me scratching my head. The song is called "Adore You" and three days after the video was released it has 8 million views. If you like Harry, I say listen to the song and don't watch the video. I know that we all interpret songs in our minds and they mean something completely different to each of us and this is why I'm telling you to NOT watch the video.

Allow me to share my experience, as I listened to this song I thought... Wow, Harry put out an nice love song just in time for cuffing season ( I mean it is called "Adore You" after all). The minute I watched the video not only was I confused, I was kinda mad that he would ruin a sweet song with a a video in which he basically falls in love with a fish! Long story short, Harry is an outcast and on the day he is going to drown himself he saves a fish and falls in love with it, he proceeds to sing "Adore You" to this fish that eventually becomes to big to keep and has to be thrown back into the ocean...WTF.      If you love somebody... or some fish? let them go? If they comeback they didn't get caught by a fishing boat?

Good song, the video, not so much.

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