7Cares with Kekeluv

7 Cares Idaho Shares is back this weekend to assist families in need this holiday. KTVB News Channel 7 hosts this Treasure Valley community fundraiser and everyone is invited.

This is KTVB's  5 1/2 hour-long live event with wall to wall coverage from locations around the city to raise money donations and food for the homeless. This is such a great event and showcases what the community is in the city.

I'm not sure about you but some of us are just a few paychecks away from being homeless. Subtract your income for zero dollars and think about how long that would last with your current lifestyle. Would you lose your home? Vehicles? How would you get food for you and the family?


I'm sure most don't wanna think about that kind of stuff but It crosses my mind being a new dad. You start to wonder what that step would be if you lost everything. Most people don't choose to be homeless and tragedy can take it all. KTVB puts their community connections one early morning to break the bank in donations.

Here are some of the local charities that will benefit from your kind donations.

  • Idaho Foodbank
  • The Salvation Army in Caldwell, Ada County, Twin Falls, Nampa
  • River of Life Men's Shelter in Boise
  • City Light Home for Women and Children
  • Lighthouse Rescue Mission in Nampa
  • Valley Women and Children's Shelter in Nampa

I was just going through that list and it's great to have all those resources in a time of need. We never know when it will be us or someone we know. Not everyone has that support system.

KTVB's 7 Cares Idaho Shares is happening at all the Albertson's and Fred Meyers from Mccall into Boise and out to Twin Falls. I've dropped a link below. The event begins Saturday morning and runs through lunch. Gather up all your things and come out to meed Idaho ❤️

Go find our friends Maggie O'Mara and Doug Petcash at the Eagle Island Fred Meyer.

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