The results are in!

(We're well aware you may not have been waiting for these results. You probably didn't even know they existed until just now. That's ok. Read on.)

Survey says...Idaho is one of the happiest states in America!

Recently, WalletHub conducted a study of each state's level of happiness, based on numerous factors including:

  • Sports participation
  • Amount of hours worked on average
  • Divorce rate

Those are just a few, but you get the idea. It gives you a general idea of just how happy (or unhappy) folks are on average from state to state. Idaho fared very well.

Of our fifty nifty United States, Idaho ranked 10th overall on the happiness scale. That also makes Idaho the highest-scoring state amongst all her neighbors. Except for Utah, who somehow scored #1? We don't like it.

Wyoming scored a paltry 36th place, and Oregon trails at #38.

Now, if you find yourself in the "Go back to where you came from, Californians" camp, you're not going to like the next little tidbit of information.

California is the 8th-happiest state, according to the survey in question, ranking it two spots above Idaho. Which is all well and good, but if so, they why are so many people from California choosing to relocate to the Treasure Valley?

We love having new neighbors, but can't help but wonder how many transplants would choose to make Boise their home if they knew all the facts. Here's a few things you should know when moving from California to Boise:

Californians: What To Know When Moving To Boise


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