It's tough being on the internet in 2023. Especially if you're one of those people looking for positive news stories to read and enjoy.

Well, today's a real good day for a real good news story about the Gem State!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Idaho's unemployment rate has dropped significantly since 2020.

And when we say significantly, we really do mean by a wide margin.

In 2020, Idaho's unemployment rate reached as high as 11.7%. Meaning, at that time, one in every ten Idahoans were out of a job. That number is much healthier these days.

As of the writing of this article, Idaho's unemployment rate sits just under 3%. This isn't a math quiz, but that is a massive, massive jump from where we were just a few years ago.

What's the driving factor behind this positive influx of Idahoans landing jobs and keeping them in 2023? We don't know. Come on, we're a radio station.

However, we do simply love that this is a story we get to share right now! Some days, it really is difficult trying to find some uplifting, positive local news stories to share from around Idaho. So you best believe when we find a golden nugget like this one, we're going to brag about it loudly and proudly.

If you find yourself in that just under 3% of folks in Idaho without a job, please know that people are hiring!


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