Here's a fact: Every single year, Idaho's capitol city hosts Boise Pride, an event where thousands upon thousands of people descend upon Boise to celebrate the choice to love who they love, and to celebrate those who do.

Does that make Boise a gay destination?

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While there's no accurate way (that we're aware of) to measure exactly how many people who identify as someone under the LGBTQIA+ banner live in Boise, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a workplace without at least one person who identifies as such. Also, we're noticing more and more pride flags on homes and businesses in Boise, and even in the surrounding cities.

So, let's leave it up to you. Do you feel like Boise has become more welcoming to queer people? Is the capitol city in Idaho the next destination for people who want to celebrate pride? Or are we still years away from seeing everyone being treated equally in the City of Trees? You tell us.


If you're planning on relocating to Idaho, and you're wondering where to live if you are indeed an LGBTQIA+ family, allow us to throw in our two cents on some of the best cities in Idaho to live in:

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Heck, even country music is taking to welcoming our queer brothers, sisters, and siblings here in 2024. Don't believe us? Here are a bunch of gay-friendly anthems from the country music world that you definitely should check out:

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