Unless they're a magical troll living out their final days under a bridge, everyone has heard Jason Aldean's new song "Try That In A Small Town," and most likely have seen the music video as well.

Jason's fans say the song is great and the message rings true. Others say it's promoting racist ideas, and the location where the video was shot is, to say, a sketchy idea at best.

We as humans aren't going to end the debate on this song. Let's be real. Not gonna happen. So we turn to our AI friend Chat GPT to help settle this conundrum.

We asked the sentient being if the lyrics to Aldean's new single could be construed as racist. Here was the response:

These lyrics contain violent and confrontational language, including references to criminal activities, aggression towards law enforcement, and disrespect towards national symbols. While the lyrics do not explicitly reference race or promote racist ideas, they do promote a dangerous and negative message of violence and lawlessness.


The lyrics convey a "small town" mentality where the community is protective and willing to defend itself against outsiders who engage in illegal and harmful behaviors. The focus seems to be on advocating for the consequences one might face if they engage in such actions in a small, tight-knit community.

So...that really didn't solve anything. Even advanced AI with machine-learning doesn't know the answer.

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