In the past few months, we have seen A LOT of things get banned or recalled. As a country, we've seemingly become more aware of what's good for us and what's bad for us.

That could be a big reason why we won't see a popular drink on the shelves of Idaho stores anymore.

Another energy drink bites the dust

There is no question that energy drinks are popular. Heck, people slam them here in our office like they're going out of style...which they could be.

The reason for that is more and more people are seemingly aware of the negative effects that come with energy drinks. Also, there are so many options... what do you go with? Who will give you the best boost? Which won't come with the infamous "crash"?

It's easy for a newer brand to get lost in the sauce and that's likely what led to the question one person asked on Reddit about his favorite energy drink:


Can’t find MTN DEW Energy
by inmountaindew

So, where did MTN Dew Energy go? According to the website for Rockstar Energy and other sources such as The Street, PepsiCo decided to discontinue the beverage.

Rockstar Energy shared:

After careful consideration, we will be discontinuing MTN DEW Energy. We are incredibly grateful for your support. Fear not, Rockstar has your back for your energy needs. Find your flavor today!

If you "do the Dew", this is likely the worst news you could hear today but don't worry! Like Rockstar Energy says, they have your back... or, maybe this is a sign to give up the energy drinks!

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