Idaho beer lovers, we've got two surprising facts for you that maybe you don't already know...

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 So grab your favorite brew and let's dive in. Did you already know about these 2 facts?

1. Today is National Beer Lovers Day!

First things first, did you have any idea that today is a national holiday dedicated to loving beer? That's right, if there was ever a time to celebrate your passion for the frothy, golden goodness and crack open a cold one... today's the day.

2. Idaho is the 2nd largest producer of hops!

Parker K.
Parker K.

We always here about "Idaho Potatoes.' But have you heard about the hops here? Idaho plays a pivotal role in keeping the nation's beer game strong, being the second-largest producer of hops in the entire country!

According to the Idaho State Department of Agriculture, we're ranked second in commercial hop production in the United States. While Oregon and Washington may also claim their fame, when you blend their hoppy goodness with ours, it's an unbeatable recipe for brewing success in this region of the country.

It's Idaho Preferred Month and we're all about supporting local! So, we thought you'd enjoy these facts about Idaho beer. Not only is today a fantastic reason to say cheers, but it's also a reminder of our hidden gem status as a "hop haven."

We've listed below some more Idaho Agriculture facts that will blow your mind, as well as the best local breweries in the Boise area.

These Idaho Agriculture Facts Will Blow Your Mind

All facts and information was provided by this Idaho Agriculture Infographic from 2021.

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