Ammon Bundy has continued his campaign for Idaho governor. As election day nears, can Mr. Bundy shock the political world by defeating Idaho's current Republican Governor, Brad Little?


Governor Little appears to be very confident in his reelection chances. Unlike most political campaigns, we have not seen or heard many ads touting his record for reelection. In fact, the governor ran more commercials during the primary than he has during the general election cycle. The governor's team will rely on his record of bringing businesses to Idaho, increased funding for education, and multiple tax refunds to ensure his reelection.

Mr. Bundy has worked at the state's back roads for over a year. His strategy is straightforward. The government is too big, too out of control, and does not follow the people's will. Will enough Idahoans buy that argument and vote for the independent Mr.Bundy?

Ammon Bundy for Governor Event

We will find out in a few weeks. Mr. Bundy's constituency is made up of several diverse political enclaves. His message of out-of-control government appeals to Idaho's stealth Libertarian base. The Gem State is more Libertarian than socially Conservative. There are also vibrant, robust, and vocal liberty-minded Republicans that want to send a message to the Republican Party establishment. Several elected and unelected officials have told us they're voting for Mr. Bundy out of spite. These Idahoans did not appreciate the governor's leadership during the pandemic. He rallied the troops against the president's vaccine mandate but allowed Idaho hospitals to fire hundreds of nurses, doctors, and staff who refused to take the poke.  

It will take a stealth tsunami for Mr. Bundy to pull off the political upset of the century. Election night will determine whether Idahoans are happy with the current direction or take a big swing at independence. If you'd like to hear what Mr. Bundy has to say in his own words, you can listen to his interview with us Wednesday morning on 107.5 FM and 580AM.

Collin Raye and Ammon Bundy

Country Music Star Collin Ray performs in Emmett, Idaho for Ammon Bundy.

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