2024 has started with many big headline events like the Grammy's and the Super Bowl, but as those fade into the background and anticipation builds for the Oscars and 2024's Presidential Election, there have been some interesting studies that highlight what captures the attention of American's the most.

In the midst of a crazy election year, and with the Oscars coming up, which of these big events do you think Idahoans prioritize the most?

There's a recent study by Casino Reviews that shares more about Idaho's top priorities, which brings up the question: Which one of these things does Idaho care more about?

In an exclusive look at the first month of 2024, the study reveals America's fascination with Hollywood's glitz and glamour, displaying 10 states more interested in the Oscars than the 2024 Presidential Election. Surprisingly, California, the cinematic hub of America, doesn't rank at the top of this list; instead, Nebraska takes the first spot as the unexpected leader for cheering on the Oscars.

What about Idaho?

Idaho stands out among the top 10 states where presidential elections take precedence over the Oscars, with a modest 55% interest in elections compared to 45% for the Academy Awards. Notably, Wyoming claims the number one spot on the list of states prioritizing the Presidential election.

So, there we have it, Idahoans maintain a steadfast focus on political matters, especially during election years. The latest update is Nikki Haley suspending her campaign, leaving Donal Trump the main Republican candidate. We're back to 2020 all over again: Joe Biden or Donald Trump? Or, will something else happen?

One thing is for sure, Idahoans will stay in the loop instead of getting distracted by events like The Oscars.

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