We all have "our thing." Some people like to collect sports memorabilia, others comic books, or maybe it's something most people don't think of collecting. We came across some items that are sure to be a treasure to the right collector, right here in Boise.

The hidden gems of Boise's Craigslist

We searched through the "Collectible" section of Boise's Craigslist and were surprised to see just how many random collectibles that were listed. Honestly, we thought we would maybe find a few here and there but found so many, that we had to narrow our list down to just ten items.

The most expensive on the list is a Star Wars LEGO set and it honestly makes sense. Some of us have seen reports that LEGOs are one of the best investments a collector could make. But, what else did we find? Are some of these gems an absolute bargain that can lead to huge profits later?

Let's take a look...

The Top 10 Collectibles We Found in Boise's Craigslist

We found some pretty interesting collectibles for sale in Boise's Craiglist and some of them could continue to go up in value.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Speaking of collectibles on Boise's Craigslist, we can't forget about the time that we found these "monkeys" for sale on Boise's Facebook Marketplace. They're supposedly handmade and they look pretty realistic. Would you fork out the money to buy these monkeys?

Would You Pay $95 For Any Of These Monkeys For Sale in Boise?

So, we found these monkeys for sale on the Facebook Marketplace... would you buy them?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Sometimes, we come across things on online marketplaces that just don't make sense. For example, the boots we found on Facebook Marketplace are supposed to be trendy and something we see celebrities wearing in public. Instead, people couldn't stop roasting this latest "fashion trend" and we can't say we blame them.

$600 Viral Fashion Trend Is Getting Roasted in Boise Marketplace

Someone in Boise is selling a pair of the viral shoes known as the "Astro Boy Boots" on Facebook. The responses are hilarious... what is it people hate about these shoes?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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