What are the chances Drake would drop a song with your name in it? I've actually met several people with nicknames Kiki but only one person with the name. That's where my name comes from. People ask me all the time.

Drake set a record with his latest double album entering all 25 of those songs on the Billboard top 100. Add two more songs not on the album and he currently has 27 songs breaking his 24 songs in 2017. Drake is legit despite the argument between a girl and guy at Dick's Sporting Goods. That's a true story by the way. It goes to show you that even when he's not on the radio people are arguing whether he should or not. Add the challenge and there's no escape.

There is a song on Drake's album called, "In My Feeling" and I'm sure you've heard of it by now. If you haven't let me remind you real fast.

So, I asked my wife to do one with Lennox and somehow that put me in the middle of the video. Paige is pregnant and due in late September. The fact that she was willing to do this blows my mind because of the obvious - preggers! Also, it's a friggin 100 degrees outside. All that said she put on some of my camo and did the #kekedoyouloveme challenge. Gotta love this women because no matter how crappy she feels - she does this.

Make sure you follow me @kekeluv on IG because I have some exclusives coming quickly with fun contests. FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW and get your friends to follow. Speaking of friends. Check out my peeps when this Keke challenge goes wrong.

YO!!!! I was crying at how funny this couple was. I gotta get them on my show! The #inmyfeelingschallenge is almost done and on to the next viral episode which might be Ciara, "Level Up."

Could this be the next challenge? I don't know but what I know is that people are having fun. We spend so much time complaining and gossiping because the online social court of appeals gives us that opportunity to be judge and jury. THESE silly challenges open people's minds to be...silly. Someone just recently asked me when I was talking about hiring a cohost for the morning show.

Do you really have to work so much? I heard from one of the dj's that they work from 9 a.m. to midnight everyday. Is that true?"

I had a quick answer.

It's only work if you don't like your job.

Fun should surround you everywhere and if the people you're not around don't have fun - maybe you should rethink who you run with. Life should be fun. We only have one of them. So, go do the Keke challenge because there will be a contest this week (hint hint hint). Do do your own challenge or just challenge yourself to have fun.

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