Kids do the darndest things... We've all heard this expression and most of us can agree that their tends to be a lot of truth to it, but at what point does it get out of control and a parent has to lay down the law (whatever that is according to your parenting style). Allow me to elaborate.

My friend Deno called to catch up the other day ( it had been at least 6 months since we last talked ) He had moved his family to another city due to a job transfer. After we talked about the new job and the new house the conversation turned to kids and this is when I was like "WTF". It turns out that Deno's son has been giving away Deno's shoes. (I should mention that my friend is a sneaker head)

One morning as Deno was getting ready for work he couldn't find a pair of shoes but because he was in a hurry he thought nothing of it. It happened again twice in the following two weeks and then the major revelation took place when one of his sons friends came over and was wearing one of the missing pair of shoes. Deno casually questioned him about the shoes and the kid didn't hesitate to tell him what a great friend his son was for giving him these super cool sneakers. WTF!

What is a parent to do? Make your child get the sneakers back from his friends? Go to the parents and explain the situation and ask for the sneakers back? Punish the child and take the $600 loss?

Regardless of what the parent does, I think its safe to say... Kids do the darndest things.

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