Boy oh boy do we wish the story we're about to share with you was completely fabricated. Or fake news. Or skewed. Or somehow elaborated.

Unfortunately, this story is very real, and happened right here in Boise.

Around 10 o'clock on Monday night, police received a call about unidentified teens toilet-papering the caller's home. That's not totally uncommon. What happens next, however, is not at all how you'd assume this story ends.

While police are enroute to the TP call, they receive additional phone calls inferring that the homeowner was confronting the teens. Well, "confronting" is putting it quite lightly.

When police finally arrived at the scene, they got word from the teens what had happened, and it's pretty horrifying. The homeowner blocked the teens from escaping using his tow truck as a blockade, and then he proceeded to pull a handgun on the teens. Here's a quote from the Ada County Sheriff's Office:

The teens told deputies Al Azzawi pointed the gun at them and ordered them to get out of the car or he would shoot them. Once outside, they said Al Azzawi grabbed one of the boys and took turns pointing the handgun at all three.

After the encounter, the homeowner was arrested and booked into good ol' Ada County Jail. As far as the teenagers who were pranking him, no charges have been brought up against them as of yet.

If someone is vandalizing your home, please contact police. Do not do what this guy did. Like, at all.

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